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Achievements of Trust
Community Hall will be provided to all DONORS
Adopted Elementary school and provided Books and Stainless steel plates, glasses etc for their lunch to all the students
Scholarships given to Physically Handicapped.
One Lakh Rupees donated to Sri Ayyappa Temple Trust at Gowthama Ghat.
In Memory of our Late Chief Minister Sri Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy distributed Sarees, Cloths and Food to poor people.
Conducted free Yoga classes by Prominent Nation Vide Organisation Paramahamsa Yogada Sat Sangh, Ranchi.
Donated Computer and other allied equipment to the school of Mentally challanged Children.
With the help of " Prajapita Brahma Kumarie " Rajahmundry , Yoga classes were arranged to farmers and guided them for better Cultivation using Organic and Bio - Substances.
Free Marriages were conducted on Dt. 27 - 2 -2011 by providing Sutras & Mettelu New Cloths and Food to them and to their relatives.
With the support of " Kala Gouthami " a Literary Organigation of Rajahmundry Kavi Sammelanam was conducted and released some books of up coming writers 
In 2011 Vadhu Varula Parichaya Sabha was Conducted. 
Donated One Lakh of Rupees for the development of Gouthama Ghat and its Beautification. 
 Now in the second and last phase, Central A.C. Dining Hall along with ultra modern Kitchen and around Ten A.C.Rooms will be build. And also lift facility to the Guests and the service lift facility for Dining Hall and Generators for every floor will be arranged. And also we are going to equip with full furniture and necessary utensils for kitchen and dining. 

 On Dated 27-07-2011 "Bhoomi Pooja" was performed by M.L.A Sri Routhu Surya Prakash Rao & President Sri Dondapati Sankara Rao for tha purpose of above Construction.

 On Dated 01-08-2011 a meeting was held with the support of " Telugu Bhashodyama Samakhya" for the encouragement and usage of official language in our state. Sri S.Sailaja Nath Minister of Education presided the function

 On Dated 28-08-2011 a meeting was held under the stewardship of Sri Vijay Shekar, Drug officer of East Godavari District all the Chemists and Druggists of East Godavari District was present. Mr. Vijay Shekar requsted the dealers not to sell the restricted drugs without doctors perception.

 On Dated 14-09-2011 a felicipation was performed to Sri Routhu Surya Prakash Rao M.L.A on the eve of appointing him as "TIRUMALA TIRUPATI DEVASTANAM" member for the second time.

 On Dated 19-10-2011 above 300 bedsheets were the distributed to the poor people on the eve of the demise of "Sri Jakkampudi Ramamohan Rao" a founder trustee of the organization.

 On Dated 23-10-2011 Third General Body meeting was held and the new committee was elected.
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